Fox Pond Estate View From Mountain

Situated in a narrow valley between Tunk Mountain to the immediate north and Catherine, Caribou and Schoodic Mountain to the south, the indigenous people of the Penobscot and Passamaquoddy tribes called the area of Fox Pond home. The forested slopes of oak and beech provided then, as now, ample food for the deer and moose that were so important to the daily life of the tribes.

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Fox Pond is the head water of a chain of streams, ponds and lakes that lead into the sea a scant eight miles from the outlet. Evidence of land use by these Native Americans is present in the scattering of stone tool artifacts found on the estate. The tools found suggest possible pre-Columbian people. As yet, curiously, not a single projectile point has been found. Hammer stones, a crude drill hole punch, and hide scrapers are common.

Lands of the estate were purchased from Diamond Occidental, Inc. in 1990. Since the 1800’s and probably even earlier, various owners harvested timber in limited areas. Horse-drawn log harvesting in the 18th and 19th century is evidenced by old log camps now mostly reclaimed by the forest. The rocky hills and slopes of the land make it less practical to harvest by modern machines and equipment.

Legend has it that the ghost of Catherine Downing (for whom Catherine Mountain is named) roams the scenic by-way around Fox Pond. [OP.cit. DarkWoods, ChillWaters, M. LiBrizzi, Down East Books Camden, Maine.] Mr. LiBrizzi writes that the legend may have begun around 1862 when CatherineDowning died. The legend has been retold over generations, getting a necessary retelling for more modern audiences. Is it legend? Is it lore? Is Fox Pond haunted? You will find many local people who swear by their vision.

The present owners don’t dwell on the lore, only offering that the night calling of the resident loon family does have a ghostly sound to its song. In any case Catherine would be very pleased with the gentle and tasteful treatment given to the structure and grounds of the estate.


Fox Pond lies in the center of the fabled “Black Woods,” also known locally as “Black’s Woods.”

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